Security Tips for Travellers

Airport Information

There are preparations you can make before you arrive at the airport to help you move more quickly and efficiently through the new security processes.  Here you will find suggestions regarding what to wear to the airport and how to pack for your trip.  We’ve also included a pre-flight checklist to help you Prepare for Takeoff.

Dressing for the airport
Security does not require any particular style or type of clothing; however, certain clothing and accessories can set off the alarm on the metal detector, and thus slow you down.  For tips to help you through the checkpoint, visit Dress the Part.

There are restrictions regarding what you can pack in your carry-on and checked baggage.  All of your baggage will be screened and possibly hand-searched as part of the new security measures.  This inspection may include emptying most or all of the articles in your bag.  For packing tips, visit Pack Smart.

You’re dressed, packed and ready to go.  Or are you?  Here is a pre-flight checklist to help you “Prepare for Takeoff”.  Additional information may be available from the airline with which you are flying.

By familiarizing yourself with the security process and by following these tips and recommendations, you will be able to play an active role in ensuring your own safety and comfort.

Wrapped Gifts
Those travelling with gifts as a carry-on should not wrap them.  All carry-on items are subject to searches and that includes wrapped gifts.

Kiosk or Easy Check-In
Passengers who use self-serve kiosks to print boarding passes and to pick seat assignments can then proceed directly to a security checkpoint.

Prior to their trip, passengers should visit their airline’s website for updates on their flights, additional information on airport hours of operation or to utilize the airline’s wireless customer service offerings, if any. Airlines

E-Ticket Holders — PLEASE NOTE!!
Under the new security guidelines, airline requirements for documentation differ widely.  Please check with your specific airline using the website link below to confirm proper documentation prior to leaving for the airport.  Expect that you will need a minimum of two to three hours at the airport for check-in prior to boarding.

Click on the following links for a printable summary of travel preparation time saving tips to help speed up your pre-flight process. Common Questions

Security Tips

  • Remove Old Claim Checks to avoid confusing baggage handlers about your destination.
  • Identify Your Luggage both inside and outside with your name, business address and telephone number and make sure the outside tag is securely fastened to your luggage.  This will help if your luggage is lost or stolen and will save time when you are picking up your bags at the claim area.
  • A Copy of Your Itinerary with your business address and your destination should be included in your luggage in the event you and your bags get temporarily separated.  This information will help minimize any delay in retrieving lost luggage.
  • Check Your Luggage Early to ensure that your bags not only make your originating flight but your connecting flight (if you have one) as well.
  • Travel Insurance is Important if you will be travelling with valuables not covered under the normal luggage allowance provided by the airlines.
  • Report Lost Luggage Immediately before you leave the airport.  Make sure you have a complete list of the contents of your bags as well as a detailed description of the luggage in question.

Additional Security Tips for Business Travellers