Travel Tips

The following tips will help make your travel experience more enjoyable:

Making a Reservation

  • If you are required to travel for business, it is advisable that you complete a Personal Travel Profile in its entirety. This will greatly assist our staff in expediting your travel request
  • Be sure to immediately notify VIP Travel of any changes to your profile, such as change of address or contact information, frequent flyer numbers, credit card changes, etc.

Changing or Cancelling a Reservation

  • Notify VIP Travel as soon as you know your travel arrangements must be changed
  • Have your original itinerary available to speed up the process for you
  • Any changes made directly with the airline will not be accessible to us so we highly recommend making any necessary changes with us directly or with our Emergency Service if after regular business hours
  • Always write down all cancellation numbers provided by travel suppliers
  • VIP Travel will not be responsible for hotel “no-shows” if we are not notified of a hotel cancellation prior to the hotel’s deadline


  • Never destroy or discard airline tickets
  • Promptly notify your travel arranger of cancelled trips
  • Refunds due will be credited to the original form of payment
  • All electronic tickets must be cancelled with VIP Travel


  • VIP Travel will notify travellers of airline schedule changes when possible
  • To avoid jet lag, try the following suggestions:
    • Get a good night’s sleep
    • Arrive at night and go straight to bed, or if you arrive during the day, don’t take a nap…follow the local time and stay up as you normally would
    • Reset your watch to the local time at your destination as soon as you get on the plane
    • During the flight, drink plenty of water and do dome isometric exercises


  • Always verify the lowest rate upon check-in
  • Know your company policy regarding insurance
  • Be aware that it is most cost effective to return your car with a full tank of gas
  • When making the changes with your rental car after pick-up, call the car company directly.  The phone number will be on your contract, together with your rental agreement number


  • You must cancel reservations within the cancellation time and record cancellation numbers
  • Upon check-in, always verify the lowest hotel rate (last-minute specials may be available during slow periods)
  • Audit your bill before leaving and be aware of any late check-out penalties
  • Some hotels offering 21-day advance booking specials immediately charge the first night’s stay to your credit card. This charge is non-refundable


  • Never bring anything irreplaceable with you
  • Reset your watch to the new time zone (we recommend doing this as soon as you get on the plane)
  • Never walk alone in dark or unfamiliar areas
  • Don’t drink unpurified water or un-pasteurized dairy products
  • Don’t leave luggage or laptops unattended
  • Don’t go to sleep until your normal bedtime if travelling to a different time zone
  • Don’t overpack (look to for packing advice)
  • Use an electricity converter where required
  • Put an identification tag on each bag, whether you plan to check it or not
  • Leave copies of your passport and visa at home and to take a copy with you