Does your club or group of friends often think about a week-end retreat or a getaway trip?  Do you know that there are special discounts or promotions available for groups that travel together?

What is a Group and do you qualify for discounts and/or group benefits?

Minimum requirements to comprise a group:

Air only: 10 people travelling roundtrip on the same flights, or 25 people using the same airline to the same destination from different cities.

Cruises: 16 people in 8 cabins on most cruises. On some longer cruises a group is 10 people in 5 cabins.

Hotels: Most hotels require a minimum of 40-50 rooms per night.

Different Types of Groups

Affinity Groups: senior programs, special interest groups, theater, alumni, students, corporate, clubs, church groups, friends, family reunions, etc.

Pied Piper or Speculative Groups: a group leader/organizer gets a group of people together to go on a trip, generally so he/she can travel free or at a reduced rate.

Whatever the group VIP Travel/Summit Meeting Management can assist by designing a trip or program that is just the right fit for your group.  Groups need special attention and our staff will take care of all of the hassles so that your group members can relax and enjoy their vacation.  We contract with only the highest quality hotels, airlines, bus and tour companies to guarantee your group a safe, quality, and value-priced trip.

We have been leaders in group travel planning and organizing for many years and can develop a customized program to address the specific needs of your group or organization, including a group escort if desired.  Put your trust in us and let us put your group on the road to creating a lifetime of memories that everyone will always treasure.